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Mod Series Scene Closes Out 2008

CALVERTON, N.Y. (Dec. 19, 2008) Lou Cady and Mod Series Scene has always been the staple of the modified racing community since it's birth. Unfortunately, Lou did not get to see all it's growth. Since Lou's passing, the website was carried on by many who put much time and effort into keeping his dream alive. When Amie took control of MSS, she and Jackie put a lot of time and effort into running and modernizing the site. But as life has it, life can become busy. Family, work, sports, school, and all else in life can begin to leave less time for other commitments in everyone's life.

With 2008 winding down and a new year approaching, some decisions had to be made concerning 2009 and Mod Series Scene. On January 1, 2009, Mod Series Scene will not be carrying any more current news. The site will be archived in Lou's memory so that all past content that this site has posted, will always be available for anyone to view. The points to right of the page will be the only content that will be kept updated as official finishes are received. For any current touring modified news, points, teams, drivers, you may visit
The Chrome Horn. This has been a very difficult decision to make and much thought has gone into this. With this option, Mod Series Scene will be forever dedicated to Lou Cady's memory. The Mod Series Scene Forum will also be closed as of the first of the year. The forum will also be archived, for anyone to view but it will no longer be active. Much thought also went into this decision and it was very difficult to decide this. An area in The Chrome Horn forum will be opened for those who would like to keep in contact with others and their views. You will have to re-register there and a real name will be required which will only take a few minutes of your time.

We would like to thank all those who had ANY input into Mod Series Scene. Each and every bit of news, stories, chat have made the site what it is. Thank you one and all. Special thanks go to Walt Newcomb who kept everything together, as of late, with all current news for Mod Series Scene members and friends. Walt, you have done so much and it is greatly appreciated by all. Special thanks to Jim and Denise DuPont also. These two people are such dedicated racing people and kept all up to date with news, updates, live reports and photos.  Also, Precision Engineering's Linda and Norm Case and Ramar-Hall's Don King for stepping up and sponsoring the site. Thank you so much.

2009 is around the corner. We would like to wish everyone the Happiest of Holidays and may you all have a Prosperous New Year. A new racing season will begin soon and we wish all teams and drivers a safe and competitive year.

Howie Hodge - Owner
Richie Grodski - Web Director

Mod Series Scene Changes Hands

CALVERTON, N.Y. (Oct. 10, 2008) On Thursday October 10, 2008, Mod Series Scene website and forum was officially placed into Howie Hodge's hands as owner. Howie was a long time friend to Lou and has also been NASCAR's photographer of the popular Whelen Modified Tour among other NASCAR touring divisions.

At this time, there will be no changes made to the website or forum, but as soon as the racing season is over, decisions will be made and all those involved and members will be immediately notified of our decisions.

We do apologize for any issues that have occurred during the owner/server change and we are trying to fix some of these issues as we can and some will not be able to be fixed. During the move, many links have changed and have to be restored for some items to be used or viewed and this takes time to go though every link/reference on the site. Again, we are sorry for the inconvience and will do our best to keep everything going for our members to the best of our ability.

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2010 Points - FINAL

1 Bobby Santos III 2180
2 Mike Stefanik 2153
3 Ted Christopher 2102
4 Ronnie Silk 2096
5 Todd Szegedy 1957
6 Ryan Preece  1933
7 Eric Goodale 1784
8 Erick Rudolph 1753
9 Eric Beers 1752
10 Chuck Hossfeld 1704

2010 Points - FINAL

1 Burt Myers 1609
2 L.W. Miller 1578
3 James Civali 1575
4 Andy Seuss 1566
5 John Smith 1555
6 Zach Brewer 1429
7 Jason Myers 1427
8 Frank Fleming 1365
9 Brandon Hire 1354
10 Gene Pack 1209

2010 Points - 8/9/10

1 Dwight Jarvis 354
2 Jon McKennedy 343
3 Les Hinkley III 337
4 Rowan Pennink 278
5 Steven Masse 266
6 Ken Barry 264
7 Todd Annarummo 248
8 Jacob Dore 243
9 Joey Jarvis 237
10 Eddie Spiers 230

2010 Championship Points
As Of 6/19/10

1 Chuck Hossfeld 245
2 Matt Hirschman 233
3 Daren Scherer 221
3 Rusty Smith 194
5 Mike Leaty 192
6 Wilbur Hebing 189
7 Erick Rudolph 182
8 Mike Speeney 177
9 Rick Kluth 175
10 Kyle Ebersole 174

FINAL 2009 Points

1 Scott Rigney 336
2 Greg Butcher 321
3 Jay Foley 315
4 Danny Bohn 288
5 Burt Myers 272
6 Jason Myers 243
7 Josh Nichols 237
8 Brain King 227
9 Ronnie Silk 184
10 Mike Norman
Gary Young